Investigating the Power of Generative AI: My Intriguing Odyssey

Investigating the Power of Generative AI: My Intriguing Odyssey


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Today, I want to take you along on a ride through my journey into AIML and Generative AI. It’s been a vortex of curiosity, and lots of learning with some creativity and motivation. I want to share part of this with you in this short article! Some of my favorite resources are shared at the end!
Buckle up, let’s dive in!

First steps into AIML

Some time ago, I had a look at the AIML world. The possibilities were really interesting and it looked like a good challenge to start learning and exploring some material.
Picture this: me, diving into Machine Learning with some rest of my mathematical background.
I started with Coursera’s Standford course & the AWS ML Specialty certification to give me a guideline on how to progress.
Think of it as a treasure hunt for tech gems with the cert path as a map!



GenAI fun

Then after passing the cert and gaining some experience with hands-on projects, the AIML rabbit hole led me right into GenAI.
I explored a bit and thought: “It’s like coding but with a splash of magic!”. The use cases sounded really interesting and promising.

When AIML meets GenAI, think peanut butter & jelly, but way cooler! Seriously, it’s the sweet spot where theory, creativity and code unite. At first, it’s all about AI creating art, crafting stories or composing music. Then you start to see awesome use cases:
📚 Education
🍃 Sustainability
🏥 Medical and Healthcare
👩‍🦯 Assistive and inclusive technology
🧑‍🔬 Research
🗓️ Productivity
🎶 Art and Creativity
🎬 Entertainment
And a lot of other fields…

Let’s build some knowledge

Later, I enrolled in the “Generative AI with LLMs” on Coursera to apply some deeper knowledge on the AWS landscape. I highly recommend it, this course is really a “must-follow” for any AI enthusiast! 👇

It tackles GenAI lifecycle for projects, transformer architecture, model fine-tuning, performance optimization, responsible AI challenges and even some reinforcement learning topics.

Oh, and speaking of resources, let’s not forget the amazing platforms that made my AIML and GAI journey even more incredible. Dive into these articles and communities that’ll help you understand the GenAI world in (nearly) no time👇

Learning resources


🎉 Ready for more AIML and GenAI goodness?

From unique topics to innovative projects, I want to hear YOUR ideas! 🤔
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