The Kinesis family Cheat Sheet

The Kinesis family Cheat Sheet

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·Jan 8, 2021·

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1.png I recently reviewed my classics about AWS Kinesis services and I wanted to share this digest with you. So, no more boring introduction stuff, let's start!

Kinesis Data Stream

🛠 Workflow:

  • Producer (Kinesis Producer Library, API via SDK)
  • Kinesis Data Stream
  • Consumer (EC2, Lambda, EMR, Kinesis Data Analytics)
  • Storage/Analysation (S3, DynamoDB, Redshift, BI Tools…)

💡 Benefits

  • Data retention
  • Real-time

🧪 Use cases

  • Analyze logs in real-time
  • Transform real-time streaming data and fed it to a custom ML application

Kinesis Data Firehose

🛠 Workflow

  • Producer
  • Kinesis Data Firehose
  • Processing tool (optional: Lambda)
  • Storage (S3, Redshift…)
  • Additional steps (send on event from S3 to DynamoDB table)

💡 Benefits

  • Collect streaming data and send to data store

🧪 Use cases

  • Delivery service for streaming data
  • Apache logs from EC2 instance to S3 or Redshift
  • Streaming data from IoT devices to data lake

Kinesis Video Stream

🛠 Workflow

  • Producer
  • Kinesis Video Stream
  • Consumer (EC2 continuous/Batch consumer program)
  • Storage (S3…) or other service

💡 Benefits

  • Real-time streaming of video data (images, audio, radar…)
  • Batch process and store streaming video data
  • Feed video data to other AWS services

🧪 Use cases

  • Stream event video coverage to customers
  • Ingest data for ML applications

Kinesis Data Analytics

🛠 Workflow

  • Input (Kinesis Data Stream, Kinesis Data Firehose)
  • Kinesis Data Analytics
  • Storage (S3, Redshift…) / Visual tools (Quicksight, ELK…)

💡 Benefits

  • Run SQL queries on streaming data and output to S3
  • Create dashboards
  • Metrics
  • Alarms

🧪 Use cases

  • Query real-time data
  • Enrich data for ETL jobs
  • Responsive real-time analytics
  • Metric graphs


AWS Kinesis services can be confusing at the beginning but I hope this cheat sheet is going to help you understand and memorize to make the best out of these services.

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